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Text for Page 130 [04-10-1862]

	   Domestication with Skilton.
ter him; my namesake recollected him perfectly.
He knew Mort Thomson also.    Returned to the
house and slept, on the floor, in the upper-story,
with Hall.       There were present, also, Dexter,
Berry and a Dr Mac Graver, who was, I 
think, a brigade surgeon.  The others deferred
to him; and the old doctor made an exceedingly
comfortable hot toddy which he administered to
Mac Graver after that person had got his white
cotton nightcap (!) on.  We all partook thereof,
  11.  Friday.   Old Berry sent us over to his
tent, very hospitably, to get a breakfast.  There
we encountered a Dr Julius A. Skilton of
the New York 87th.   He had some knowledge
of Bayard Taylor, whom with characteristic
kindness, had specially commended me to Skilton�s
hospitality.    I was welcome, said the doctor, to
take up my quarters in a Sibley tent, occupied
at present by him and his steward, Frank Hol-
man, an Englishman from Brooklyn, N. Y.
Accordingly I did so, and renewed myself
by a wash all over in the afternoon, and clean
under clothing.   Capt. Aiken appeared, stating
that he was now a volunteer aid on Gen. Smith�s
staff.    Towards evening we heard commanding
and Dr Crawford, brigade surgeon, rode up
excitedly, telling of something probably imminent               
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