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Text for Page 200 [05-05-1862]

    The Night of the Battle of Williamsburg.
I was an officer?� by others disposed to ques-
tion my right to shelter, but always referring to
the General�s permission, I remained undisturbed
and slept the deep sleep of fatigue and damp-
ness, except when I woke to look about me
at the crowded room and the forms of the re-
cumbent or sitting officers, seen by the flicker-
ing light of the fire.          I must say I felt
devoutly thankful to God for having obtained
shelter, for such a night out of doors would
have been horrible.   For the rest of my sensa-
tions, I had a profound source of my utter help-
lessness as to my danger that might be impend-
ing � a sort of quiet fatalism.    And so, with
my drenched coat over me, the portmanteau
ordinarily buckled behind my saddle beneath my
hedd, my long, gauntlet, leather gloves stiffening
into board-like hardness behind, I lay: and
so the night waned.       All the rest of the re-
porters, barring the Herald men, slept in
the cellar below.
  6.  Tuesday.   Up betimes, of course.   Fo-
raging after breakfast with but indifferent
success both for self and horse.   Found Wilkes-
on in the cellar, who disparaged Brigham,
who had disparaged him previously on every
possible occasion.   The latter asserted that the
former was utterly inefficient as a director:               
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