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Text for Page 220 [05-07-1862]

	        Brigham�s Quarters
invitation from the old bunks of whom he, how
ever, spoke bitterly, saying that he had done his
utmost to make him famous, a Major Gene-
ral &c, and that Heintzelman grudged him
shelter and a meal�s victuals.      My exclusion
cost me little sorrow, being pretty sure of fund-
ing quarters elsewhere.   So with my ragged
carpet over me, I slept soundly.
  8.  Thursday.   Left Heintzelman�s
bright and early, and rode up the street to a
house in the rear of the Court-house, standing at
some little distance back, with green trees about
it and a pretty garden.         This tenement had
very characteristically, been appropriated by
Brigham, and here he lived with two or
three soldiers guarding the house and occupying
the lower rooms.    It was a deserted mansion,
its owner, I think a doctor, from the evidence
of a closet full of phials and medicines up-stairs.
With Brigham was also one Colston, a Jersey-
man, recently sent on from New York as an
assistant to us, both Brigham and Wilkeson
having written ungently on the necessity of the Tribune
being more largely represented.              Colston was
not an educated man, though a very decent fel-
low: he had got up the Jersey news for the
paper.   Presenting himself at Heintzelman�s a
day or two ago, after a cheerful walk from               
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