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Text for Page 221 [05-08-1862]

	           In Williamsburg.
Yorktown, in company with a heavy carpet-
bag (which proved a dreadful nuisance to him
subsequently) he got snubbed and insulted by
Moses, insomuch that he took indignant refuge
with Brigham.         I had introduced him, to
Woodward, who introduced him to a horse, the
recent property of an officer killed in battle,
which animal, I think, Colston bought; anyway
he soon got mounted.   Brigham welcomed me
and gave me breakfast in the shape of some
ham, corn-cake and coffee, the remains of
the meal of the two correspondents.  Very soon
they both went off, leaing me to my own devices
and the undisputed possession of the house.  Ramb-
led through it: old-fashioned four-post bed-steads
and fireplacves, tables, chairs and other furni-
ture, books, maps, a print or two, a rebel
officers diary in pencil, the matter half oblitera-
ted, law-deeds, some cooking utensils and a
great heap of �kilikinick� smoking tobacco, on a table.
To scribbling all day, feeling wretchedly sick,
nervous and diarrh�ish.    Got a meal in the
middle of the day from a negro-woman, living in
an outhouse in the rear, with other ex-slaves of
the family, I finding the material.       Presently
Brigham returned, bustling and excited.       He
was going to join Hancock immediately, who
would march to-morrow, at day-break.     I went               
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