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Text for Page 229 [05-10-1862]

         Bivouacking with the Signal Corps.
bated as to the advisability of remaining in
the house all night.   But as the enemy occu-
pied the woods all around and as a skir-
mish during the night was likely enough, we
resolved to remove to the margin of some pine
woods, about a quarter of a mile to the rear,
a highly picturesque spot where we camped
for the night.     These very woods were in the
section of the country over which, three centuries
ago, roamed Pocahontas, the gentle �belle sau-
vage� and he rfather Powhatan.          Our compa-
nions were perfectly easy at the prospect of a
night-attack even by cavalry, declaring that a
few rockets, discharged into the midst of an
advancing troop would empty a saddle or two
and produce such a panic among the horses
that the riders might be easily discomfited.
I fully credited this when I saw some of the
formidable rockets go flaring and hissing up
into the calm firmament, which was studded
with countless stars of a brightness and brillian-
cy only seen in the South.            After pitching
our tents and doing an hours scribbling, for
the benefit of the Tribune, I turned in and
slept with hearty Paine who had taken a great
fancy to me.     He was, indeed, the �excited young
fellow mentioned on page 72, as riding up to
Fitz John Porter, on the day of the Big Bethel               
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