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Text for Page 231 [05-11-1862]

	   To Cumberland Landing.
came. By noon he had finished his correspon-
dence, when, with a packet, including it and
others, I started with Hall, to get it mailed.
Down a piny road towards the Pamunkey
river, in and skirting the woods.     A batter-
ed sign post, with �To Richmond� and �to New
Kent Court-House� on it.   (Some of the names here
suggestive of old Virginian history, as �Burnt
Ordinary,� the latter word being still used as
hereabouts as the equivalent of �inn.�  Ordinaries
were fashionable in Charles the 1st and his father�s
time.)      Passed the camps of the 2nd Rhode
Island and the 86th New York.           Got to Cum-
berland landing, on the Pamunkey, a pretty
river with rich green banks and most luxu-
riant foliage.      Near the landing was a shop
or store, more kept by Timberlake, the man
whom we had seen yesterday.      To the head-
quarters of General Stoneman, on a hill near
what came to be pretty well-known afterwards
as Toler�s house.        The General was seated
at lunch near his tent-door, and after taking
charge of my �mail� and promising to forward
it, invited us to sardines and pickles, which
Hall and I decidedly enjoyed.     Anon a lei-
surely ride back to the road that had yes-
terday brought us to New Kent Court-House,
meeting Boyce by the way.   Then retraced               
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