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Text for Page 005 [10-01-1862]

         In doors.   Edwards� and down town.
                       October 1862.
  1. Wednesday.  An editorial of mine in to-
day�s Tribune:  �If this is going to be an Abolition
War I shall resign.�     A dull, wet day.     In doors
scribbling.  In the evening to 745.    Talking with
Matty and her father; Jack absent visiting
the Nasts, Eliza down stairs with her hard-work-
ing mother.  Mat was good-humored and her fa-
ther read me a letter from a Mr Russell (no
relation to Ritchie) descriptive of his journey
across the isthmus to San Francisco and thence
to Vancouvers Land.   Jack returned just before
my departure.
  2.  Thursday.   Another wet day.   Down
town in the afternoon meeting Webb of the Times.
In front of the Tribune office I encounter White 
the Irishman employed at F. Leslie�s and old
Powell, to whom presently came Gaylor, big, red
faced, curly-haired and stupid.          Haney pas-
sed.   Powell talked of his son, who was at the bat-
tle of Antietam, and who has attained some minor
advancement.    In the Tribune editorial office.
Talking with England, with Wilbour and others.
A �John Brown joke.�  Saw Gay.   To Haney�s.
Uptown and in-doors during the evening.
  3.  Friday.   Mr Edwards called and Edge.
The latter professed that he only heard of my
return from the South, last night, accidentally               
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