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Text for Page 012 [10-06-1862]

        Cahill; Shepherd, Watson and their
                       social relations.
ces in the attics.    Cahill hardly does any of
his work on the Times, Watson performing it
for him, writing the theatrical notices and the
military items; Cahill watching his opportunity
and sending up Watson�s �copy� when Wilson,
(the editor who has demanded sight of it) is out
of the way.      Cahill devotes his time to loafing
and drunkenness, returning Watson�s services
by bringing upstairs meals for him, for which
he pays Mrs Boley, who would have turned
Watson out of the house three weeks ago but
for Shepherd�s representations that if she did,
Cahill wouldn�t be able to pay for his board.
Watson himself dares not show his face at the
Times Office since his being sent off to report
Porter�s mortar expedition, when he got $100
from the paper, went as far as Annapolis and
no farther, being withheld from sailing 
by sheer cowardice.    Of course he
squandered the money.   So he is now Cahill�s
hack and paying indirectly for his past ras-
cality.   He grumbles and Edge sympa-
thizes.       Shepherd diversifies a life of dreary
loafing with the production of an occasional
poem which he sells to Harper�s for perhaps
$15, when he gets moodily drunk until the
money is exhausted.    Edge likens him to Ed-
gar Poe!       Both Cahill and Shepherd have               
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