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Text for Page 021 [10-06-1862]

                Boarding House Women.
both Cahill and Shepherd solicited her, but
in vain: �It wouldn�t do,� she said; �I
should be knocked up, first go!�  Also
Bradshaw, on the same authority reports
that Blankman is to be appointed �Deputy
Marshal� to Florida.    The fellow was an
avowed Secessionist when I left in June: he
is now a secret one.          If he is appointed,
have at him!      I learn, too, that he was born
in Pennsylvania, not New York.         Both
he and the woman have lived in Kentucky
and imbibed the pro-slavery sentiments
in their coarsest form.  When
she is not dressed in her ordinary harlot-fi-
nery she looks for all the world like a bold
faced waiter-girl at a concert saloon.
  Miss Delany.   See page 10.
  Miss Mc Cook.   A giraffe.   Makes noises
over the piano but has no social characteristics
worth mentioning.  Is something in the shop
way.      Has a moon-faced admirer.
  I�d have left this boarding-house long ago
but for the facts that I�ve a prodigious a-
mount of baggage � mostly books; and that
you can get meals here at any time you please.
Meantime I scarcely interchange a word with
anybody, nor want to.               
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