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Text for Page 022 [10-07-1862]

   Prince Rivers.   Mrs Alf Waud.   Alf from her
                       point of view.
  7.  Tuesday.   Damoreau and one Miller,
a fellow-engraver up; anon Mr Edwards.
The latter stayed with me to lunch and then 
I had to accompany him to the Globe Hotel in
Cherry St, where we saw Prince Rivers, ser-
geant of the South Carolina negro regiment,
whom I had known at Hilton Head.     Mr Ed-
wards has become agent for a project of sending
500 negroes, with their families, to Australia,
to cultivate cotton: our visit to Rivers was in 
relation to this.     Having dispatched the business
we parted and I, crossing to Brooklyn, journey-
ed to the house of Alf Waud, or rather Mrs
Jewell.       Saw Mrs Waud, looking much as
usual, though she complained of sickness and
said that her last-born  was a very feeble child.
The others looked rugged and ruddy enough.
Their mother talked of Alf, said it was a 
fine thing to be a man to go where you pleased,
that Alf liked it, that he had been back twice
and would probably come back again (surrepti-
tiously � unknown to the Harper�s), that he had
learned to swear dreadfully (which she didn�t
like it) that he was arbitrary, denouncing every
body and everything not of his own discovery
and endorsement.    When she was in Washington
she had offended him by expressing suprise at
his eulogizing �splendid fellows,� saying she was               
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