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Text for Page 026 [10-08-1862]

               Miscellaneous.          Edge.
x   x   Heichhold still holds the postmastership
and if he does not return to the army will open
�a No 1 drug store.�   He published my last letter
to him in the Jefferson Star!                An honest,
egotistic, hard-headed, industrious doctor is A. P. 
Heichhold and a good fellow!     I�d like to shake 
hands with him.                 Scribbling all the mor-
ning and evening, out as far as Chamber St
in the afternoon.        Met Miss or Mrs Black, return-
ing.       Faircloth called this evening with the 
news that Hay and Thomson were at the Astor
House and that they intended to start for Wash-
ington, to rejoin Gen. Hunter, to-morrow morning.
I didn�t go down town with the captain.
  9.  Thursday.   Scribbling.   To Anthony�s
in the afternoon, buying photographs.  Saw Gris-
wold and Richardson.        Out of sorts and mata-
  10.  Friday.   Out to tailors in the morning.  A
dull, rainy day.    Scribbling during the rest of it.
  11.  Saturday.   Down town in the afternoon;
met Leslie.     Haney called in the morning and
Edge.     He is very hard up, living temporarily
at hotels and where not, getting his baggage (what
little he has) detained for payment and �waiting
remittances.�   He has lost his position on the
London Star because he would write politics, in
stead of news.  He showed me a windy letter               
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