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Text for Page 028 [10-12-1862]

             Mrs Scoville and her daughter.
birth and nature, talks �Secesh� and anti-abo-
lition, professes an earnest desire to get down
South, even at the cost of leaving her husband,
by but there is a muliebrity about her ways
and speech, an absence of the hardness character-
istic of northern women decidedly lovable.   It is
strange but not impossible � one of those apparent
contradictions that need some thinking to get to the
bottom of it � that more agreeable women may be
reared under that infernal �institution� than in the 
democratic north.      The little girl, Mary, takes
after her mother, too; has kind eyes and a per-
sistent nature: she came to me with a copy
of my boarding-house book, open, and after-
wards sat on my knee interested in a batch of
war-photographs that I exhibited and explained
to her.       Left at 9 � and looked into 745
Broadway on my way back.     Most of the usual
Sunday evening visitors had departed; I found
only pater and materfamilias, Matty and Miss
Rogers, from Michigan, sister to hearty �Bill� and
to the jolly old maid I saw last winter.
  I [word crossed out] made the above visits out of sheer lonely-
ness.    I feel dull, disappointed in New York,
and dispirited.     I must get off to Port Royal
or elsewhere again.    There�s not a soul who cares
for me here.
13.	Monday.   Writing unsatisfactorily.  Down               
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