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Text for Page 036 [10-19-1862]

    Hall.   Nevins.   News of Army Acquaintances.
                      Moses killed.x
He left with Haney.       Ed. Brown,
Mort�s brother has married �a rich girl.�
  20.  Monday.   Story scribbling.   Down town
in the afternoon.  Hall called in the evening.  He has
been visited by Nevins, temporarily in this city, from
whom he learnt some news relative to our army
acquaintances.    Moses, of Heintzelman�s staff was
killed in one of the battles.x    Col Hays of the 63rd
Pennsylvania has resigned and gone home.     Riley
of the 40th New York did so, too, only under dis-
graceful circumstances.   He fell drunk off his horse
at the Fairoaks fight, was carried off, cut, bruised
and insensible to the rear and only escaped a court-
martial in virtue of former merits as a disciplina-
rian.      Egan has command of the regiment now,
a friend of Nevins.      Heine has been advanced.
Sneedon and the rest of the young fellows are still 
with Heintzelman, and pretty sick of soldiering.
Nevins himself was captured by the enemy during
the seven day�s retreat and spent two months in
prison, in Richmond, obtaining his release by exchange.
He went to the Tribune office to find me.
  {21.  Tuesday.
  22.  Wednesday}       Mostly in-doors, writing.
  23.  Thursday.   Down town to Harper�s with
story (one I began last March).  Bellew there.  With
him for an hour or two.     He has fallen in with the
Morses at Fordham and was on the point of domi-
  x An error.  Wilkeson saw him recently in Washington.  Nev.1.               
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