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Text for Page 039 [10-24-1862]

              A Visit to Rawlings.     Tivoli.
possession.          Edward says he has had enough
of war but won�t give up till it is finished.
A note also from Rawlings inviting me to visit
him at Tivoli, and one from Gilmore.   Article
is in printer�s hands for the Continental; more
  25.  Saturday.   Scribbling &c.  In the
afternoon to Chamber Street and took the 3 o�
clock train by the Hudson River Railroad for
Tivoli.     It was a dull, dank day, the atmos-
phere pregnant with future rain and my feelings
in accordance with it.      I had felt more lonely
and miserable, perhaps, than my position war-
rants for the last week and, desperately in want 
of a sensation, determined on accepting Rawling�s
invitation.     I am glad I did so, for my expe-
rience was unique if not altogether amusing.
The train sped on at its usual rate along the
margin of the glorious Hudson and night descend-
ed on its autumnal beauties, bringing me by about
half-past 7 to Tivoli, a village opposite to the
grand old everlasting Catskills, now shrouded
from view.     Getting a direction from a bar-room
at the depot, I ascended a steep road and a
minute�s walk brought me to �Maud Lawn� �
the residence of Dr Augustus Rawlings.   Within
the shrouding shelter of the trees I heard the
barking of dogs and was cautioned not to enter,               
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