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Text for Page 051 [10-30-1862]

                        Row and Fight
Blankman had advanced on his side of the table
uttering oaths and threats about �mashing that nose
of mind,� calling me an �English s_n of a b___h�
and the like.      But I noticed that he manifested
no particular alacrity on the direction of the pas-
sage.     Presently he returned to his seat with a
menace or so about knowing where to find me �
way laying me and what not.    I told him that
I intended that the settlement should come off
after I�d had dinner.           So resuming my coat
I ate my meal in a state of perfect calmness �
indeed directly I had got out the words �bully
and blackguard� I never felt more utterly at
ease in my life.     There would be a fight I
knew � I was determined about that � and
either I should thrash him or he me; anyway
we should be in correct relation with each other
henceforth.   The fellow looked strong and mus-
cular; a bully is not always a coward; and
putting no particular faith in what his wife
is reported to have said of him, I anticipated
a pretty savage shindy, being only resolved 
not to give in until I couldn�t strike another
blow and to hammer him well first.    So we
sat, I sweetly eating my dinner, he scowling,
looking the picture of brutal malevolence and
feeling in his pockets, as if to intimate that he
carried some weapon and would use it.     This               
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