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Text for Page 053 [10-30-1862]

                                                 Fight with
again and had knocked him, flurried and win-
ded against the wall when I became aware of
something assaulting me from below, furiously.
It was the wife come to the rescue; she hit
me in the eye and blacked it, assailing me
bitterly with her tongue at the same time.  I
put her away without hurting her and ano-
ther interwval of jaw ensued.   Blankman
asserted that his arm was out of joint and accused
me of cowardice in attacking him in that condi-
tion.      I now knew he was a cur and thought
him lying.   I said so.    Shepherd and Ames
pulled at his arm, the former presently assu-
ring me that what had been stated was true:
that the fellow�s arm had formerly been dis-
located and was liable to become disjointed.
They got it all right however, amid a good
deal of clamor.   Mrs Boley, Jewitt, Phillips,
Ames and I think, Sanford were present, besi-
des the servants and the persons already men-
tioned.     Albert Boley had been prodigiously
excited and exultant at an actual �muss,� shout-
ing indiscriminate encouragement to both parties.
It was �Go in Doc!  give it to the _________!�
and then �Gunn kin lick him anyhow!�    I
had Shepherd, Jewitt, Mrs Boley about me
entreating me to go up stairs.   �He�s a whip-
ped man!� said the former, while the               
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