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Text for Page 054 [10-30-1862]

other dissuaded the �doctor� with the comforting
assurance that he couldn�t really stand up a-
gainst me!     He still breathed threats and accu-
sations.   I was perfectly cool, as
I had been, ever since I had given the verbal
provocation � this, too, to my own surprise.  I kept
proposing that he should order his wife � if she
were his wife � to go into the kitchen with the
rest of the women, while we fought out the quar-
rel.    �Let �em go in der yard!� shouted Al-
bert Boley.   �You hold your tongue, Albert, or
I�ll whip you!� cried his enraged mother.   Blank-
man, taking care not to come on, uttered the word
�Coward!�   Old Jewitt behind me, whisper-
ed, �There! do you hear what he calls you � hit
him!�    So I went in again and gave him a
few more good ones in the face without getting
the slightest punishment in return, when the
wife came at me like a mad cat and the round
ended abortively.    I had got her frantic
by a little cool sarcasm after she had hit
me in the eye, complimenting her on her science
and saying that doubtless she had had a good
deal of practice on �that cur there.�  �Your�e
a loafer, a refugee! that�s what you are!�
she panted, almost beside herself with rage.
�Your�e another!� I responded, quaintly.   As
there was evidently no prospect of further               
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