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Text for Page 055 [10-30-1862]

             Sequel to Shindy.    Jubilation
fighting I went upstairs triumphant, with
Phillips and Boweryem.   Enter Edge from
the next room, saying that everybody was exultant
at the doctor�s licking.    Phillips and Boweryem
go out to procure bits of raw beef and leeches to ap-
ply to my eye, the first are applied, not the lat-
ter.    Visits of congratulation from the happy
Bradshaw, from Softly.            The evening re-
solves itself into a jollification between Softly, 
Boweryem, Edge and myself, in which 
songs national and patriotic are sung with
uproarous chorusses and an [unoxious?] pint 
of apple-jack drunk, in combination with
sugar and hot water.    By 10 old Jewitt
comes upstairs, and I find that the whole
house is in a chorus of jubilation at the result 
of the recent shindy.
  31.  Friday.   The fight having produced 
an involuntary reconciliation between my-
self and Cahill, Shepherd and the rest, I 
am favored with lots of particulars about
Blankman�s general odiosity, including the
fact that he has been talking about licking
me for the last three or four weeks � jerking
me over the table by my beard and whipping
me by way of desert! and what not.        Hence
the general exultation that I, ignorant of all
this, should have fastened a quarrel on him               
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