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Text for Page 062 [11-10-1862]

                     A Military �Swarry.�
Edwin don�t like it much.   They cannot make
out who he is,   x   x   only a casual friend of John
Hogarth�s, when he lived in the north.   x   Constant
visits� to our house.           In the afternoon out
for a walk.       At Trow�s, the printer of the Conti-
nental Mag. found Gilmore and got $18 for first
article of �Englishman in South Carolina.�  To
Wallacks in the evening and saw �Money.�
  11.  Tuesday.   Going down town in the after-
noon met Scoville.      To the Tribune Office.   Eve-
ning, to the 6th Avenue, No 97, the drill room
of that regiment of the National Guard that Jack 
Edwards and Haney belong to.      Company B. gave
a �swarry� this evening.      I found about a score
of young men assembled, and in a long upper
room, extending from front to rear, a table set
out with a cold collation.       I had met Haney
below and was presently joined by Jack.   Mr
Edwards appeared also.        By 9 � about a hun-
dred persons had arrived and the �swarry� was
duly discussed.    Hart (who presided on a similar
occasion over the Federal Chasseurs,� in their old
room at Mercer Street) took the chair; Mr Ed-
wards and I, as guests of honor, sat beside him;
opposite was a colonel � I think the colonel of the
regiment.     The edibles disposed of speeches, drinking
and singing sat in, especially the two former.   Indeed
the young fellows drank so energetically of the very               
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