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Text for Page 067 [11-16-1862]

                     In doors; scribbling.
tion of Honeywell, who starts for Port Royal on
  17.  Monday.   In doors all the dull, dark, wet
day till evening, when I went to Irving Hall, 15th
Street to hear a be-puffed Irishman named Mason
Jones orate on Garibaldi.   Found him a blatherskite
and returned within the hour.        Boweryem with
me in the evening, and Edge looked in during the
  18.  Tuesday.   Scribbling.   Going down-town
in the afternoon met Parton in the park, return-
ing from revising the proofs of his condensed edi-
tion of Jackson, to be published in one volume.  He
looked very thin and careworn, I thought.       To the
Tribune Office, saw Gay, Wilbour and England;
to the Sunday Times Office, then up-town.   Scrib-
bling during the evening.
  19.  Wednesday.   In doors, scribbling all
the dull, dark rainy day.    Shepherd in occasion-
  20.  Thursday.   Repetition of yesterday,
minus Shepherd.  Capt. E. Lloyd came up in
the afternoon, being freshly come from Sigel�s Camp
in Virginia or Maryland and here on duty relating
to recruits.     He tells me he got married during
my absence down South and invites me to visit
him and his bride.          Scribblings diaristic
and Continental.    A letter to Hannah.               
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