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Text for Page 076 [11-30-1862]

              The Banks Expedition.
shoeless and declares that he doesn�t feel able
to set about the tinkering demanded by old Wal-
lack for the play for at least two weeks.   A jolly
life, this Bohemianism!

  {1.  Monday.       No record of detail.  It is pro-
  2.  Tuesday.       posed by Gay that I should ac-
  3.  Wednesday.{       company Gen. Banks on a South-
ern expedition, the destination of which is generally
supposed to be Texas.       I agree.    I introduce
myself to Banks at the Astor House, whom
Edge talks enthusiastically of, as a friend of
his &c &c.    It is expected that the North Star
will get off on the 3rd, accordingly I go to 
where she lies in the evening, in a hack car-
riage, Boweryem accompanying me, but every-
looking quiet enough, I return to 745, and
sleep at Bleecker Street, as usual.
  4.  Thursday.   By 9 1/4 off with Bowery-
em to the foot of 11 street, East River.  A busy
scene and bitter cold day, the North Star
crowded.    Found A. C. Hills, once of the Evening
Post, and A. G. Hills of the Boston Journal,
also Hamilton, the architect and friend of
Bellew�s, as representative of the Times, F. 
Schell for Frank Leslie�s and a young               
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