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Text for Page 098 [12-06-1862]

                           [unclear word]s.
feel that the man�s heart was bleeding.    I think
if the Texas chapter of the history of the great
American Rebellion were written it would ex-
ceed all the others for horror and atrocity.  But
half the truth will never be known.   �Jack
as he was pop-
ularly called,
had never been
north of Wash-
ington until 
the last two 
months and
spoke simply
of the effect,
of his reception
in New York,
when he had
to speak at
the Academy
of Music;

Hamilton of Texas.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
				how he almost
				broke down at
				the welcome
				given him, but
				then spoke
				as the spirit
				dictated, and
				not without
				effect.   He
				was a tall
				built, resolute
				man, dressed 
				in a plain
				gray suit 
				(in which he
looked ten times better than in his general�s
uniform, worn afterwards at New Orleans)
and a black hat.            The day cold but
with intermittent sunshine.    Lunch on brandy,
sardines, crackers and cheese, with a contin-
gency of fruit, in Gen. Hamilton�s cabin, on the
suggestion of Shaw, in company with him and               
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