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Text for Page 099 [12-06-1862]

                 Voyaging Southwards.
Hamilton of the Times, also, presently,
A. C. Hills, and others intermittently.  Cigars
on deck; loafing &c.     In the gulf-stream,
on the coast of North Carolina.    Most of the
correspondents aboard had expected Virginia,
I had dreaded that it might be so.       The �glee-
club of the 41st Mass. singing �Marching Along.�
A vessel in sight.      Talk of the Alabama, and
of our destination.   This is generally supposed 
to be first Ship Island, then Texas.           Hamil-
ton and his party have no doubts about it;
but I observe that they are rather cold-
shouldered by Banks and his courtiers.   Cold
weather still but growing warmer.    Dined
at 4.       Expectation of an eclipse of the moon af-
ter midnight; talk about it.               Gen. Hamilton
has large faith that Texas may be revolution-
ized and converted into free states.       He
supposes that in the event of the defeat of the
Mexicans by the troops of the French Empe-
ror, that the U. S. troops may be largely re-
inforced by refugees from the former.
  7.  Sunday.   A grand display of light
on the water; in the horizon a sea of pale
gold, almost like moonlight, the near ocean
having latent light in its very shades; gush-
es of deep sea-green checquering the broad
track of foam in our wake.           A very cold               
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