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Text for Page 100 [12-07-1862]

              Things getting pleasant.
day, windy withal.    General sea-sickness on
board including the General.  A. G. Hills very
bad indeed in his berth; played Samaritan
to him.      Lunch as before in the cabin of the
hospitable Texan; spiced salmon, biscuits,
bananas and brandy.    Little Shaw lively.  In-
troduced to Major Herbert of Ohio, one of Ham-
iltons staff, who didn�t like Shaw.     Reading
the �Woman in White,� given to me by Matty Ed-
wards, as I hadn�t finished reading it on my
departure.   Talks with Cowey, A. C. Hills and
Hayes.     Evening reading.    In Governor Hamil-
ton�s cabin at 10 � for �refreshment.�
  8.  Monday.   A delightfully mild day, balmy
and sunny, presently hot.      Hamilton of the
Times mildly �on the rampage� in consequence
of breakfast difficulties.    Band playing on deck.
Gen. Banks up, convalescing.       Talks with
Schell the artist and Howell.            Lunch with
Herbert on Gen. Hamilton�s room.       Loafing
below and above.       The band, the sunlight
and the day delightful.           We are off the Flori-
da coast, below St. Augustine, but many miles 
out.     The afternoon sunny and delightfully
sultry.    In the evening a heavy rack of clouds
obscuring the larboard horizon and threaten-
ing rain.      A strange effect of light on two dis-
tant ships, the sails of which seemed trans-               
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