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Text for Page 101 [12-08-1862]

                     Hamilton�s Song.
formed into molten metal.    A singing-party,
the glee-club performing a ballad by Hamil-
ton of the Times, which he had written in
response to the advertised prize of money for
an American national anthem, some time back
� the business of which Richard Grant White
was the head.      This production was of mere-
ly average merit, entitled �Columbia the hope
of the World,� and Hamilton got the singers
to practise it in our cabin, to a tune by An-
schutz, which he repeated to them, with immense
zeal and importance.        He �dedicated� it to Gen.
Banks and fussed over it to that extent that
it got to be a joke among us.   It began as fol-
  �Columbia!  the bright happy star of the West!
	Whose footprints by tyrants ne�er trod!
(or something of the kind.)
    Where man was created untrammell�d and
       In freedom, untainted, by God!�
The fellows got to parodying it with any ridi-
culous doggrel they could think of; the last
line of the above verse being rendered
       �In freedom � and painted, by G_d!�
in allusion to the American aborigines.    He
gave us all copies of the song to be inserted in
our letters about the voyage but we all mali-               
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