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Text for Page 106 [12-13-1862]

               The Delta of the Mississippi.
Hamilton go ashore, of course severally.  A bright
lazy, exhilarating forenoon, the North Star
riding easily on the sparkling, winking, shim-
mering water, which shone like a sea of molten
gold.    By 3 P. M. our magnate had returned
and we steamed for the South-West pass of the
Mississippi.    Got up a �sell� on the reporter party,
and especially A. G. Hills, it being whispered about
that Gen. Banks had been seen giving some docu-
ment to A. C. Hills, exclusively, to the prejudice
of the rest of us.   This greatly excited A. G. who
indulged in vehement denunciations of such con-
duct and actually went to the General about 
it.    A. C. meanwhile played the mysterious, ap-
pearing desirous of avoiding us &c.     Finally we
got all the fellows into our cabin and demanded
an explanation from A. C., who after sufficient
demur, read a coarse poem of his own composi-
tion about Mc Clellan, when the joke � such as
it was � exploded.    A singing concert on board
during the evening.
  14.  Sunday.   Steaming up the Delta of the
Mississippi, that curious result of the alluvial
deposit of the mighty river, which stretches like
a bird�s claw, in shape, into the Gulf of Mexico.
Light muddy water, low sedgy banks, mere
beds of tall rushes; then long, low shores, beyond
which lies an immense and monotonous prospect               
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