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Text for Page 128 [12-23-1862]

                       Life in New Orleans.
  23.  Tuesday.   Breakfast with Schell at the
Southern Restaurant.    Was subsequently kidnap-
ped by Herbert into a carriage, with which he
drove first to the Post Office, then to the house
which had been assigned as a residence to Gen.
Hamilton � the
confiscated one
of some promi-
nent Secession-
ist.   Here we
found Shaw
and others, and
saw a magni-
ficent horse in
the rear, gi-
ven to Hamil-
ton by Gen.-
Butler.  Burt
not arriving,
I rode back
to the St.

Benjamin Franklin Butler.

[Gunn�s diary continued]
				Charles and
				got to scribbling,
				Schell draw-
				ing in company.
				Got through 
				by 4 1/2; went
				to Post Office,
				dined at a Ger-
				man restau-
				rant and went
				back to the 
				St Charles.
				Loafing with
				Winser, Rip-
				ley and others.
				Up in the
room occupied by Howell and Hayes, the latter
writing.    Supped with the two at the St. Charles
Restaurant, Capt. Mc Clure being sitting at the
same table.   One of the waiters, an ex-Pennsyl-
vanian, had been in the rebel army and was
furiously sulky with the lad Hayes, who order-
ed him about a little.      A walk with Howell up               
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