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Text for Page 135 [12-26-1862]

                     In New Orleans.
ket (at least the exterior of the former) are
described subsequently, I say nothing about them
here.     Into the French cathedral or church of
St Louis in Jackson Square.      A priest and lady
at a confessional, and some kneeling worship-
pers in front of a little cabinet, on one side of
the high altar, representing the Nativity, with
absurd little doll figures, attended by toy-sheep
one of which bleated at stated intervals, the
effort shaking him paralytically.    (Over the high
altar was a massive silver cross, containing
a great amount of the precious metal, which
during my subsequent story in New Orleans
was stolen; the church being broken into by
some daring theif.)    To a German lager bier
place.       In Canal Street met Ripley; back
to the St Charles together.   All the fellows
there, Howell, Hayes and Hamilton.     Story-
telling and �sells.�   Upstairs; wrote a note
to Gay, while Schell was drawing.    He present-
ly took charge of my letter and departed, ex-
pecting that a steamer would depart that day
for New York.        Wrote letter to Haney; left
it at bar of the hotel and then went to Gen.
Hamilton�s.   Dined with him, Shaw, Burt,
Herbert, Capt. Mc Clure and a Texan whose
name I don�t remember.  Walked back to
the St Charles with Shaw in the sprinkling               
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