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Text for Page 139 [12-28-1862]

                 The �Gulf� Railroad.
  28.  Sunday.   An invitation to visit a su-
gar-plantation by Col. Thorpe; he hurrying
us up at breakfast at the St. Charles restau-
rant, and finally departing with Strother.  A
brisk run to Canal Street on the part of Schell,
Howell, Hayes and myself caught the street-
car and off we set � Hamilton, who was too
dignified to run remaining behind.  Through
the quiet streets and the lovely June-like mor-
ning to the depot of the Gulf of Mexico railroad,
where we found Thorpe and Strother, the
first of whom put us �aboard� �dead-headed�
us �through� and returned to New Orleans.
Off.   The Gulf R. R. is a little railroad, ru-
dimentary in its arrangements, and pretty
accurately described in a letter on page 186.
It runs eastwards to Lake Berque, a dis-
tance, I think of only 27 miles.  There were
but three cars in the train, all ricketty
and dingy, smoking being prohibited only
in the centre one.   We smoked and chatted
with a Capt. Sawyer of the 9th Conn., who had
the management of the road and told amu-
sing anecdotes about Ben. Butler.    The civil-
ians who travelled were mostly of a rough-
looking class; one I remarked of a swarthy
Spanish type, in blue blanket-coat, with
earrings and long hair.     He was also dirty               
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