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Text for Page 151 [01-03-1863]

           Return of Burt from Galveston.
stone to Adams� Express Office, Custom-House
street and the Post-Office.      Left them, return-
ed to hotel, went on a meander, got hair cut
at at little shop kept by a Spanish barber in
the rear of the St Charles� during a heavy
shower of rain.    Then looked in at the office
of the British consul,x intending to ask after
Bunch of Charleston, who had, I was inform-
ed, returned to England.       To the St Charles
again.    Scribbling.   In the afternoon a report
that Burt had returned from the Texan coast,
with the news of a terrible disaster at Galves-
ton, involving the entire �clean out� of the Union
fleet.       It resolved itself into a telegram from
down the river, from Burt to Gen. Banks.
In A. C. Hills room with him, Alexander and
another.  haw came.     Whiskey-skins till
midnight, when I left the party.
  4.  Sunday.   More rumors about Burt,
who has arrived in New Orleans.   At 10
went to Gen Hamilton�s house to find Burt
the centre of a crowd of listeners, telling the
  x George Coppell was �Acting Consul� in the
absence of his principal.   Both were hand-in-
glove with the rebels, and Butler wouldn�t recog-
nize Coppell until he got his documents from
Washington.  I heard rebels speak contemptuously
of Coppell.      They liked Muir.               
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