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Text for Page 156 [01-05-1863]

                 Reportorial Labor about
in common decency to get his sconce ornament-
ed with phrenological compartments.     He
said he�d had it shaved in consequence of scur-
vey.)   Got the names of the persons saved on
the Mary A. Boardman.       Went out for a meal,
on my return from which Schell and I ex-
pelled Johnstone with no more civility than was
necessary.      Then to work steadily till past
  6.  Tuesday.}       4 next morning.    Three hours
sleep, when enter Johnstone with a story that the
Mary A. Boardman will sail for New York
At noon.   Bustle and excitement in consequence,
to get letters ready.   A. G. Hills, Schell and
myself off, severally to the levee.    Hurriedly
to the M. A. Boardman which vessel lay quiet
beside the wharf, being under no orders to start,
nor expectation of any.       All the correspondents
on board � general reprobation of Johnstone,
who pleaded in vain in his defense.  �I assure
you gentlemen that I thought��  �I don�t care
a d__n what you thought!�    Thus A. C. Hills.
A rapid consultation and disposition of forces.
Howell to go to Algiers to inquire about vessel
said to be coaling for speedy departure, Hayes
and I to visit the quartermaster�s office in La-
fayette Square, the two Hills� to board the
Clifton which lay in the river, where they expect-
ed to get lists of killed and wounded and some               
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