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Text for Page 164 [01-07-1863]

                      At the St. Charles.
Baton Rouge.   Hamilton in my room, talking.
He had left, he said, Capt. Cozzens to write an
account of the Galveston disaster to the Times, him-
self transmitting an editorial on the subject.    He
got his news �rather as a gentleman than a re-
porter.�   On Monday night, when we were all
at work, he had exhibited a most absurd draw-
ing of the disaster to us, provoking uproarious
laughter and a very contemptuous ejaculation
from A. G. Hills.   This picture, drawn from a
misconception of the affair, or Howell�s account of
it (which he goodnaturedly read to Hamilton)
subsequently appeared in Harper�s weekly.   It
is described, without exaggeration, on Page
When he had sent it and others off he was
for some time in a state of apprehension about
the result, and also about his having neglected
his Times� duties to do them.  Out for a meal
with A. C. Hills and Hayes to a cheap res-
taurant (Wibel�s) in St Charles Street, where
we fed at a counter and left Hayes, strolling
to Canal Street to effect small purchases.
Parted with Hills, strolled on, returned to
hotel and found Hayes who had just achie-
ved a triumph in obtaining the news of the
land fight at Galveston, from some men who
were part of it and had entered Wibels after
we had left.   A whiskey-skin in my room,               
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