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Text for Page 188 [01-20-1863]

                Billy Wilson�s Zouaves.
them of which we had heard so much. 
It may have been true of the regiment, the
men appearing a rough lot.      There was any
amount of stories about them, some droll
enough.    Among them that a chaplain addres-
sing them, alluded to the infernal regions,
when a �Wilson�s Zouave� proposed �Three
cheers for h__l!� which were given lustily.
Billy Wilson explained the mistake thus:
�You see the boys don�t know much about these
things; they think h__l is somewhere down
south in Dixie, and are all anxious to get
there.�   Another apohryphal anecdote repre-
sented somebody coming to the regiment with
its pay, of which his pocket was duly picked,
before he reached the Colonel�s tent.  �Oh! ne-
ver mind,� quoth Wilson, �the boys got it, no
doubt, and they always share.�           Stayed
till about 10, then back to quarters, through
the dark night and uneven streets, challen-
ged by the sentries.
  21.  Wednesday.   To Seamans� office with
my two companies, where we found A. G.
Hills, who had come up from New Orleans
with Gen. Banks, aboard the New Bruns-
wick.   The place crowded, as usual, with
applicants of all colors.    Off alone to find
the office of Gen. Augur, with whom Banks               
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