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Text for Page 194 [01-23-1863]

                     Edge, in search of
disappointed him in not paying for a story.
He would have plenty of money the next day etc.,
etc.   He tried to ingratiate himself into my favor
by inquirings (disinterestedly of course) as to
the state of my finances.    I took the hint of jump-
ing out of bed and securing my purse, which lay
on the table, and placing it under my pillow.    I
found he had come to pass the night.     But I
was resolved he should not share my bed and
I point-blank refused his request that he might
do so.    Presently came Shepherd.      Our unwel-
come guest again related the story of his wrongs to
an unsympathizing listener.       He was assured
that there was not sufficient room in a single 
bed for two, and was advised to betake himself
to a spare bed in Jewett�s room.   He objected that
he didn�t like to; that Jewett had an antipathy
to him which was mutual.    Finally, about 2
o�clock, after fidgeting round the room to our
intense annoyance and disgust, he left to try
the effect of his blandishments on Cahill and Mul-
len.     Cahill would none of him.    Then trying Mul-
len he fared no better, but exasperated that
gentleman to a pitch of excitement furiously gro-
tesque.    Rising from bed Mullen came to our
room for a light, calling down the malediction
of Heaven on his own respectable liver and lights.
Then he set out, in his shirt-tail, to hunt               
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