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Text for Page 195 [01-23-1863]

                  A Night�s Lodging.
Edge through the house.   He had gone to bed
drunk, so you may imagine his amiable mood.
Descending through the various floors with a
torch of twisted newspaper, he breathed fire
and slaughter: I doubted whether Edge had
enough blood in his emaciated anatomy to satis-
fy the avenger on his track.       Coming back, Mul-
len exhaled blasphemy and wrath; he swore in
such a manner as to assure me that the army
of Walker in Nicaragua must have been as pro-
ficient in that military accomplishment as eke
that of Flanders.     Fascinated, as a bird by a
snake, Edge discovered himself, and Mullen ad-
dressed him as follows:
  �Now lookee here, Mister Edge!   This is play-
ed out, you know!  And I�m damned if I�ll 
have it!   By �� ! that�s so!  You, a comin moon-
in� round this �ere house in the night!  Creeping
round in the dark by ��!  It�s a damned out-
rage! and it�s quite improper!  Curse me if I
knew whether you were a ghost or an animal!
I wouldn�t object to you if you was a ghost,
and I�ve a damned good mind to make one of
you!   You�ve been into my room, you have; and
I didn�t know whether you were there still or not!
First I hear you in the room, and I sing out
�Who�s that?� and you says �It�s me!� Damn
you! who�s me?  What right have you got               
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