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Text for Page 197 [01-23-1863]

                   New Orleans Items.
of not less than $10 a day.�       To bed
early, leaving Howell and A. C. Hills to go
to the theatre.
  24.  Saturday.   Wrote to Gay and to
Boweryem, telling the first of my wish to re-
turn to England, and asking him to send out
a substitute to New Orleans, recommending Bow-
eryem.     A. G. Hills in and out, worried and
nervous, which mental condition seemed to have
produced a rash, come out all over him.     How-
ell in once, and Hayes.
  25.  Sunday.   Up by 6 and down to the
levee to post letters, or rather to confide them
to a sleepy purser, then occupied in buying
New Orleans papers of a newsboy, in his ca-
bin.   A magnificent sunrise over Algiers way.
Return to hotel and doze.     A. C. Hills up.
Down stairs, loafing; hither and thither.    The
Marion in with mails.     To Banks headquarters
and to the post-office with the two Hills and
Howell; then to the Varieties with A. C. and
Howell.   The �Corsican brothers.�
  26.  Monday.   Strolling hither and thither
about New Orleans, alone, during the best part
of the morning.     To, the Delta office where I
inserted an advertisement addressed to �Umbra�
the ordinary New Orleans correspondent of the
Tribune, whom I was desirous to find, on               
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