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Text for Page 199 [01-27-1863]

               Correspondent of the Tribune.
by Englishmen who were, of course, all Seces-
sionists.      Only and handfull were present playing
at cards.        One proposed as a toast, �Here�s to
the man who can jump stone walls!� � of
course meaning Stonewall Jackson.   Leaving
the Cotton Plant, we went towards the French
quarter and into a gambling-house called �El
Dorado,� after a more famous one in Sacra-
mento City, California.   It was never closed
night or day, all the year round.     We found
a pretty well frequented, half a dozen fare
tables being in full operation.   There was also
a game called Bacarat, played with shells.
After pursuing our stroll awhile we returned
to the Cotton Plant, where we found Slack of
the Herald, who lived nearly opposite (in Caron-
delet Street).      Slack talked about Jamaica
and the Bermudas, in one of which localities
I think he was born.      Back to hotel, where
I parted with Baker.
  28.  Wednesday.   A longish walk in the
morning, to see the aristocratic part of the city
in company with Ripley, who knew all about
their owners and could prove a most intelligent
  29.  Thursday.   With Schell and Hayes
to see the crevasse near the Gulf Rail-road
the particulars of which are detailed in my               
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