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Text for Page 225 [02-08-1863]

                    A Sunday Holiday
Course �the proprietor of which had refused
to change its name to �Confederate,� and suf-
fered in consequence.     Back by another rail-
road.     Waiting.   Our fellow-passengers a
Frenchman, three children and an Irish
bonne, in attendance on a chubby child, a
girl of three, who prattled French with the
fluency of the Calais children, remarked on
by Addison.    After a consultation between
the bonne and the papa, the former presently
conveyed the little girl to the roadside, fronting
the gate of a cemetery, and there stood dis-
creetly before her for a short time, subsequent-
ly readjusting the child�s dress publicly, and
bringing her back to the car.          It was an
eminently French proceeding.    Enter three
red-breeched Zouaves, one an Irishman;
finding they have got into the wrong car
they got out again.      Off.   In twenty minu-
tes, a chage of cars.           In the new one are
lots of children, a vixenish, evil-faced
woman with a chubby boy and slave girl
with her baby, both so white that nowhere
but in a slave state would their condition
be recognisable.    Also a mulatto-girl and
a young fellow wearing a military cap, half
[unclear word] Indian, half negro.  To Canal Street;
[unclear word] gigantic raw oysters at �Sam�s,�               
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