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Text for Page 235 [02-10-1863]

with a story that Hamilton had written to
the Times stating that he, Howell, had be-
come a Captain in a negro regiment, assert-
ing that we had all heard and credited it,
but abstained from &c &c.  Howell, a corres-
pondent of the World and an anti-abolitionist,
was very wroth.       Hither and thither.   In
the evening to Harris�s, at the corner of St
Mary�s and South Street, on the north side
of Lafayette Square.      The door opened by
Mrs Harris, who inducts me into a handsome
back-parlour, adjacent to which, in the
rear room, is set the tea service, and where
I find a tall young lady, introduced to me
as Miss Louisiana Smith.x    Soon Harris
appeared and we had tea, and then ad-
journed to the back parlour.   Mrs. Harris
is charmingly dressed, her eyes deep-brown
and sparkling, her hair dark and curly, worn
in a modern French style with a little bow of
red velvet in the centre.         Her complexion
is so fair as to be pale, aided by a soup�on
of powder, as I could discern when she sat
near me.   Furthermore her softly-curved eye-
brows are, I think, improved by art.       But
fine eyes and hair go a good way towards con-
stituting beauty in women, and the general
effect was decidedly fascinating.   The photograph
  x She had a perfectly antique Greek profile � straight as Hele[word cut off]               
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