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              [newspaper clipping]
  We regret to announce that the Massachusetts Republican have
made the discovery that General B. F. Butler is a liar.  Rumors
prejudicial to the General�s character for veracity have been for
some time current in that State, but it has been difficult to trace
them to any trustworthy source, though they caused great uneasi-
ness and anxiety in the public mind.  During the late canvass,
however, the fact was established beyond question.  The General
published a letter about his opponent, Judge Hear, containing
nearly as many falsehoods as it could hold, and, what was worse
than all, giving evidence of a familiarity with and skill in lying
which in such a quarter was little short of appalling.  The fall of
this great soldier and philanthropist, the �Conquerer of New Or-
leans� and the friend of the black man, coming at the close of a
year of great business despondency, has naturally exerted a most
depressing effect on the people of the State, and they are saying sor-
rowfully, �Whom shall we trust now? Since friendship for the black
man is no guarantee of a white man�s veracity, what guarantee is
there?  Church membership counts for nothing; wealth and posi-
tion count for nothing; and now the very conquerors and philan-
thropists in our midst have begun to lie like clockwork.  It�s awful!�
We do not know what consolation to offer; but perhaps now that
Butler knows what suffering his mendacity causes, he will reform.

[Gunn�s handwriting]
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