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Text for Page 012 [01-06-1863]

              Star, from the deck of which we
obtained a halloed greeting by Mc.
Henry the steward.  Ours was a
hurried, exhausting walk on empty
stomachs, for we had eaten nothing
since the morning, and we didn�t
know, but the steamer might be off
before we got thither.   On board, at 
last, where B. Hills (who, with Hay-
es, has been overtaken by us) recogni-
zes a passenger of his acquaintance �
one Dyer, a Boston lawyer.   To
him we confide our packages.  An
omnibus ride, back.     To the Southern
Restaurant and a prodigious meal,
with lager accompaniment.  Then to
the hotel.   Up in my room, to which
presently ascends Howell, with
a ghastly story that Dyer is a
speculator who will be arrested imme-
diately.    This story he obtained from
Dunbar of the Boston Bee.       H. Hills
up.    General horror & alarm at               
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