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Text for Page 078 [03-01-1863]

              his brother had been killed, on
board a vessel recently captured
at Charleston, S.C. or up the Stono.
To the St Charles with the two
Hills� and Schell.     Thence, after
an interval of loafing, with Schell
towards the French Cathedral, and
to Royal Street, behind it, where I
got measured for a pair of alligator-
skin boots.       Then back.     Alone
at news stall.      With Hayes and
Schell.   Parting, walked up St.
Charles street meet A. G. Hills.  Di-
ned with him at the Southern Res-
taurant.       Then back to room.
Supped at Wibell, with Hayes &
Schell (both of whom are hard up) then
to Era Office.           Editorial rooms
closed.  Parting, I went to Harris�s.
He was alone, but soon his wife
appeared.      Talk � of Havana.  �Don
Juan� tanter for Mrs Brewsters � of
the anti-Union officer club of               
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