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Text for Page 086 [03-03-1863]

              man was not really, intrinsically beau-
tiful, but one couldn�t help thinking 
so and behaving appropriately.   With
her were three young ladies, one �
Miss Louisiana Smith � I had met
before.   She was a healthy-looking, 
dark-haired girl, with rather a
wilful face, her profile too straight,
forehead, nose and chin being almost
in one line.       A younger girl � not
more than 17 � with a fine, delicate,
refined face, attracted and interested
me.    She was a Miss Maria Hughes.  A
third had no pretensions to beauty.
There appeared, also, a girl of 9 or 10.
To these ladies I was duly present-
ed, also to a Mr Young, a shortish,
plump, good-humored dark-haired
young man, with the sides of his face
shaven, but wearing his beard, Ame-
rican fashion.       He had been a pri-
vate soldier in the Confederate ar-
my, wounded at the battle of Shi-               
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