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Text for Page 112 [03-08-1863]

              other side.     The road was mar-
gined until rushes and great beds
of palmetto-brush, some trees and
distant woods observable.   We reach-
ed our destination � which proved
to be that point of the lake ending
the Pontchartrain Railroad (the
place from which Schell, A. G. Hills
and I set off in our lake shore
walk) at about 2.      Old Thorpe
had entertained me with a good
deal of talk about New Orleans,
past and present, about himself
and Gen Butler, by the way.  Thorpe
is a character, in his peculiar line.
A short, thickset man of fifty, with
a flushed face, pendulous reddish
whiskers, a double chin instead of
a neck, and a look that might be-
seem a retired Yorkshire horse-dealer,
his cunning overlaid by prosperity.
Thorpe is a New Yorker by birth,               
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