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Text for Page 118 [03-08-1863]

              the encumbrances of coat and
waistcoat, and such constituted
our dinner.    Over it we sat till
near evening, when it appeared
that �a lady� had driven off with
the gig of our companions.   After
a good deal of mirth at this
unexpected termination, Thorpe and
I left our companion to return
by rail or otherwise, and bowled
back to the city.      He set me
down at the St Charles and after
a desultory half-hour in the rotuda and a cup
or two of tea at Wibels, I went
to Harris�s.      Two or three
people whom I had met before were
there, but nothing special occurred.
As the Picayune had reprinted
almost the whole of my letter to the
containing the account of the trip
of the registered enemies to Dixie
it was, of course, alluded to, and
Mrs H., warmly commending its               
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