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Text for Page 119 [03-08-1863]

              truth, was extremely desirous of
getting of copy of the original paper
containing it.          Returned to the St.
Charles about 12.            An absurdity
as yet not chronicled.   Hayes, as be-
fore intimated had leapt into sudden
notoriety, in consequence of his writing
a sensation account of the arrest of
the street negroes in New Orleans, one
night, in accordance with the revival
of the old slave-laws of Louisiana,
by order of Col French, Provost Mar-
shal.      Also from his account of Texan
atrocities perpetrated on Union men,
the details of which he got during
his involuntary sojourn at Pilot Town.
The first affair excited some comment,
inasmuch as the artful author of it
had been �travelling� among the �Secesh�
asserting that his paper was a �Breck-
inridge � Democrat� one!   Schell�s pic-
ture of the affair in the Frank
Leslie�s, introducing Hayes as full               
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