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Text for Page 127 [03-10-1863]

              foretop, on the occasion of her steaming
by Forts Jackson and Phillip
on the capture of New Orleans.   He
talked of Waud a good deal, of
his companionable qualities, his stories
and his getting drunk.      A. G. Hills
Powers thought little of, voting him
destitute of pluck.   He stayed behind.
Except Waud and Osborne (whom
I knew at Port Royal) no news-
paper men saw the taking of the forts.
Waud didn�t see New Orleans though.
Powers, a coarse, jovial fellow, I re-
member in conjunction with another,
making an irruption into A. G.�s�
room at the St Charles, when we
first arrived there, where all their
talk ran on getting drunk and whoring
� �Brigadier General Dick,�  �Till
Phillips� and other harlotry.    When
I had eaten my �dozen raw� and
we all three were in front of the bar,
I had produced my porte monnaie, but               
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