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Text for Page 197 [04-07-1863]

              landed with about one dollar in
his pocket.  The former dynasty
of the Ill-News owes him some
hundreds of dollars to this day,
of which he�ll never get a cent.
�And yet directly he earns a
little more money he must go
and get married!� said Sally.
I said that I didn�t think he
had repented it, and heartily
congratulated Nast on the thing
ending all right after all.      �The
bull went at the fence and car-
ried it! of� said Tommy laughing.  I
remembered one of my remarks
to Sally, as she, with a scarlet
face, but laughing also, added
�There you see I�ve kept my
word and told him all we
talked about!�     (Not quite
all, I thought.)      But alls well               
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