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Text for Page 088 [04-15-1852]

              and then to Brooklyn, to little Stratton. Had
it out at the second essay.   I think a person of
lively imagination suffers more than another, � he
pictures all the detail of the infliction.   The comfort-
able � very easy arm chair, the abominable feel of
the instrument in the mouth � and then the horrible
scrunch.     The only way to counteract this sort
of thing is to let Imagination run on further, and
picture yourself walking away from the dentists with
the torment over.                     Called at Dunsiers.
Back to New York.   Wet through all the time,
called at Lockingtons, dined with him and Holbrook
then called at the Lantern, then return to room.
  16. Friday.   Drawing. Two notions for Lantern,
and Rebusses for Reveille.  To Fulton Street.
Afternoon drawing to the Story (by Jones.)   Evening called
at Mulberry Street.   Joe out with me, parted at               
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