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Text for Page 120 [05-18-1852]

              and two things for Lockington.  Down town at 1.
Call at Dickensons, Post Office.  Dined.  To Lockingtons,
Mathews, Nagle�s book store &c.   Waited an hour
or so at Mathews, reading �Stubbs Calender� by Thackeray.
Return at 3 or so.
  19. Wednesday.  Down town again after drawing.
Call at Mathews &c, settled subjects for cuts &c.
Dined, calls.  Return and drawing Reveille work.
Did two drawings, and big cut in the evening.
Met Roberts while returning from supper.
  20. Thursday.    Did another large Reveille
cut.   Will Kidder called.   Weed and Randall
came for blocks,  Lockington came.   Down town
at 12.  Saw Mathews.  To Dickensons.  Out.
To Lockingtons. Dined &c.  Return to Room
Rebusses &c.    Down town at 4. Lockingtons.
Another unsuccessful call at Dickensons. Met               
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